Patients often complain of redness on their cheeks and forehead and small blue veins around the nose, mouth and lower eyelid areas.  It’s essential we work with the patient to develop an accurate diagnosis. Treatment protocols differ with each conditions though numerous problems that are NOT rocacea may cause redness and increased facial veins may lead patients to an inaccurate diagnosis.

Rosacea is a complex problem where patients develop redness of the nose and face.  Rosacea caused by increased blood flow into the skin.  The redness can vary in intesnsity. Rosacea  needs to be controlled and not cured.  Management often involves diet modification, use of topical medicines with the use of IPL (intense pulse light)  lasers.

It’s important for the doctor and his clinical team to differentiate the type  and cause of color change so we can recommend a proper course of treatment.  Dr. Goldberg utilizes IPL lasers and micro cauterization to tackle those blue and red veins and skin conditions.

Redness due to rocacea is a condition which is controlled, not cured.  The use of IPL (intense pulse light) is painless, quick and very effective.  Our patients need to be prepared for multiple treatments as our goal is to reduce the redness without burning the skin or increasing the pigmentation.  We use the most modern laser from Candela/Syneron call ELOS.  Our cooling tip and super fast flash light technology reduces the unwanted color better then the older generation lasers. Whether the problems are caused by rosacea, broken capillaries, veins, angiomas, telegectasias or other causes, we have the tools and expertise to reduce the redness and reduce the veins.