Our Mission

Dr. David Goldberg and his staff at Monterey Skin Fitness Center are committed to the health, appearance and care of your skin.  Our reputation, setting a high standard of Aesthetics, has distinguished us  as the leading force in skin science and patient education.
We are committed to innovative treatments backed by results without sacrificing the quality of ingredients used.

We believe:
In a collaborative approach; combining effective, results oriented skin treatments paired with a customized home care regimen under professional guidance will guide you to radiant, healthy skin.
That skin care is a process, and this process involves commitment.
There are no miracle creams, but there are quality ingredients.
That everyone’s skin has the ability to look good at any age.
That everlasting beauty reflects from within and that whatever we put on our skin goes into our body.
That result oriented skin care doesn’t mean having to sacrifice purity or a high standard of ingredient selection.
At Monterey Skin Fitness Center we promote several skin care lines that uphold a high standard for product formulations, using only the purest, most efficacious ingredients.  We believe in stimulating and exfoliating the skin the skin with the use of acids and enzymes, rebuilding with retinoids, and nourishing and protecting with antioxidant therapy, plant lipids, vitamins, and minerals.