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Tooth Paste – Deodorant – Sunscreen          Gentleman,  make all three part of your daily morning routine.

Dr. Goldberg recommends a simple daily regime to reduce skin cancers.  Apply the sunscreen every day.  Make it simple by making it part of your morning routine.   Men commonly brush their teeth and use deodorant.  Well, by simply adding the use of sun screens every day – to your face, ears, neck and back of your hands – you will reduce your risk of forming the most common cancers.

Skin Cancer are very common due to sun exposure and skin damage.  As a matter of skin cancer is by far the most common cancer in the world.   There are three general types of skin cancers; basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma.

We can help prevent and treat your early skin cancers and sun (actinic) damage before they get to large and to deep.  Our team of aestheticians with Dr. Goldberg have the tools to reduce and eliminate early skin cancers with peels, dermabrasion and excisions.   Most all our treatments are done in the office.

You can reduce your risk of developing serious and invasive cancers by apply  sun screen,  wearing quality sun protection clothing and hats.  l Try to add protection from sun exposure during peak sun hours of 10am t0 3pm.

For patients with concerning lesions or growths, we offer surgical services including skin treatments, biopsies and skin cancer removals.  We also perform reconstructive procedures with flaps and skin grafts for individuals would need larger removals.  If you have a skin cancer or suspicious mass,  come into our clinic for an appointment.  Alternatively, seek our expert advise and treatment from our local board certified dermatologists.  Dr. Goldberg is a medicare provider and we will work with most insurance companies.

Bottom line. Don’t let that small, scaly, ulcerating or dry skin lesion just grow and get worse.  Seek professional help from a board certified plastic surgery or dermatologist.   Skin cancers will NOT go away by ignoring them and precancers only progress and get worse it they are not treated.